Release types



  • Added cards
  • Clarified things in the Readme
  • Moved _flexgrid.scss to the vendor folder



  • Overhauled the navigation to Flexbox
  • Removed pull-right and pull-left, replaced the pull-right functionality with a simple right class
  • Dropdowns are in progress, the basic functionality is there, however only one dropdown can be functional at one time, and it is not supported inside of the responsive navigation
  • The old nav is still available as fallbacknav.css and nav_fallback.js as some users do not like/want to use flexbox



  • Adjusted the Line Height for paragraphs
  • Added article styling
  • Changed font-weight to be heavier
  • Changed how the responsive nav worked a bit
  • Fixed the issue with the responsive nav staying open on window resize
  • Updated to jQuery 3.2.1
  • Added a cleaner layout to the changelog, along with sidebar functionalities
  • For simplicity, changed the jQuery file name to just plain jquery.min.js
  • Added an inverse Masthead (dark masthead)
  • Fixed a weird issue with a white bottom margin on the navigation for darker sites
  • Removed the branding height, it's less janky now
  • Changed how images are rendered so they're not so pixelated, added responsive elements to images in general
  • Removed all usage of external fonts, they're not needed and they bloat the system up
  • Removed the grid system. It belongs to Bootstrap, and I don't need to include one or make my own. There is no need to reinvent the wheel here



  • Added notices (primary, green, red, lightBlue & orange variants)
  • Added scrollTop
  • Added a topOnly margin
  • Added support for a fixed navigation
  • Created a hamburger icon purely in CSS



  • Changed font weight in body to 400
  • Changed font weight in header to 700
  • Changed paragraph line height to 2em
  • Masthead h1 set to 300 weight
  • Masthead paragraph set to normal



  • Cleaned up files
  • Added auto-meta (optional)
  • Created the Markup modal
  • Added homepage theme
  • Added .coverpage
  • Added more docs
  • Added JS to fetch image and set that image as the background for a coverpage masthead
  • Fixed section font sizes being changed up
  • Fixed tab size, set it to 4
  • More commenting on source files
  • Created nox.min.css for a normal feel
  • Added button variants
  • Created more mixins
  • Fixed modal & nav scrolling to the top and being annoying
  • Created a combo file (nox.js & nox.min.js) to combine the LoadBG, Nav & Ajax Modal info one file



  • After 2 years, the first release